Wander in ❤️


Hello there beautiful person! If you happen to reach this post that I posted from my Tumblr, from the bottom of my heart let me tell you, thank you very much! Katwinvasion is birthed because of a recent travel abroad and quite a number of my friends and family asked me about our itinerary so I decided to blog about it for future references. For a detailed explanation on what to expect on this blog, click here. 😉



I’m also a long-time lurker of style bloggers from all over the globe and decided to mix my travel posts with my personal style as well, because, why not? 😉 For this particular post, this is what I wore on our first day in Hong Kong during winter time (no snow but really cold temps so boots and trench coats are appropriate. Yay!) 😉 For the detailed travel post on our first day in Hong Kong, click here.

Orange Trench Coat: Gap/ Foldable Boots: Aeropostale/ Bag: Cole Haan


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