Philippines: Dumaguete City

The first of the many (hopefully, God willing) travels for this year with the girlfriends. It’s so hard to clear up the scheds of these ladies since most of them are busy with their work/business.  Also, this trip and this travel post has been long overdue since this happened last January (3rd week) of this year. Teehee 😀

The trip lasted for 6 days and we really had a great time in Dumaguete (and Bacolod too!) Shoutout to Bernales family for being so gracious in letting us stay at their place on our first night and also for the ride from Iligan to Dapitan and back. ❤

Before reaching Dumaguete, Ate Naomi and her family were gracious enough to let us stay at their place in Bacolod, Lanao del Norte since we travelled from Iligan City. I think it would take a whole day bus ride (not sure on the travel time) from Iligan to Dapitan port, and from there, take a barge (2-4 hours travel time, depending on which boat you take) to reach Dumaguete.

So on our first day in Dumaguete, we were welcomed by our host, a dear friend, Demi. Thank you cheesecakes (we call each other that. long story. haha!) for letting us crash at your place! yay! 😀

Dinner at The Bean Connection Portal West
Dinner at The Bean Connection Portal West
L-R: Demi, Rachel, Tarra
L-R: Demi, Rachel, Tarra
L-R: Ate Naomi, me, Ate Leizel (Ate Yots)
L-R: Ate Naomi, me, Ate Leizel (Ate Yots)
And Nica came right after our dinner ;)
And Nica came right after our dinner 😉

On our second day, we spent the whole day strolling around Silliman U and its surrounding food spots. The last time I’d been to SU was on my cousin’s graduation years ago. *clears throat* haha!

What I had for brunch at The Bean Connection
What I had for brunch at The Bean Connection. Im a sucker for strawberry milkshakes! So far, so good.

The Bean Connection Portal West has a lot of instagramable corners. The place is really lovely and photogenic too! I love their milkshakes as well! If they played a different playlist, I could stay there the whole day and blog and just reflect on life. I love staying at coffeeshops/food spots that have that rustic-country-quaint vibe with a mellow playlist. There’s really that introvert in me that finds solace and peace in traveling alone. But on this particular trip though, I’m with the best girlfriends and I wouldn’t want it any other way. 🙂

IMG_3808 IMG_3809
Silliman University! Ate Naomi toured us around her alma mater. First stop, SU Church and Music Department! In the afternoon, we stopped by Bossing’s Tempura. Let me tell you, I really am a tempura girl. But after Bossing’s, with their sauce, man, I wanted to go back everyday just for their tempura, fish ball & squid rolls!

IMG_3826 IMG_3828 IMG_3832 IMG_3865 IMG_3877 IMG_3846

Their sauce comes in different levels. From level 1 as the least or not spicy at all up to level 5 as the spiciest of all.
Squid rolls with level 1 sauce. HAHA! Because I’m such a scaredy-cat on the first try. Not spicy at all.
They already finished their food and I just had to order again with level 3 this time. Not bad. haha!
IMG_3815 IMG_3819
We also tried BubblePop Tea and Desserts and their milkteas were so-so, not bad. 🙂 The place is so pretty! It’s a two story tea shop with their ground floor interior mostly in pink and lavender.

IMG_3834 IMG_3835 IMG_3841Their second floor interior is more minimalist with a Victorian touch. My pictures don’t give it justice. It’s really beautiful with a lot of whites! And yes, white is a color for me. haha!

IMG_3843 Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
We just had to have our pictures taken with this pink pedicab! I love how this city is very laid back and chill. You can actually tour the city around by just strolling or riding a pedicab. No jeepney hassle in this city!
And of course, you’ve never been to Dumaguete if you’ve not visited Rizal Boulevard. :p
Sans Rival Bistro is only in Dumaguete. I love that their interior has this mediterranean greek vibe. Feels like I’m in Greece! You should try their silvanas and sans rival. It. Is. The. Bomb.
The following days of the trip will be on another post because… vanity shots. Teeheee! 😀 I think I’ll stop here since I find this post lengthy already. Enjoy!

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