Philippines: Tierra Alta Aquatica, Dumaguete

Tierra Alta Residential Resort is situated on a hilltop inside a village. Travel time from the city proper to the resort is approximately 30-40 minutes. (Shout out to Rachel’s relatives that were gracious with their rides and for spending time with us. THANK YOU!) ❤

Tierra Alta Aquatica has an infinity pool overlooking the lush green trees of the residential area. What’s unique in this resort is its beautiful Mykonos inspired pool area. Yep, your all-white-with-a-touch-of-blue fixation granted! 😀 If you’re up for some Greek summer feels in the Philippines, this place is for you. In fact let me just say that Dumaguete has a number of places that have this Greek Mediterranean feels, complete with a chill vibe!

tierra altatierra alta tierra altatierra alta

The resort has a lighthouse that is accessible for picture purposes. Yaaaay! 😀 Just be extra careful on the spiral staircase. Oh, the princess feels! 😉


Make sure to order first-thing before enjoying the place because their food (at that time) took sooooome time to be served. We were already hungry by the time we ordered. Teehee 😀 Personally, if you ask me with their food, I’d rate it 3/5. Comme-ci comme-ça 🙂


The place is very photogenic! Now I understand why this place is one of the most sought destinations for wedding or any major events. We got home late in the afternoon and I’m pretty sure the place is just as beautiful and romantic during nighttime too.

Have you gone to this place already? How was you experience? Planning to visit soon? I would love to know you your thoughts on the comments below. Have a great day! ❤


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