Shenzhen: Window Of The World

We started our third day in Hong Kong really early at around 7:30am walking towards Holiday Inn from Chungking Mansions (where we stayed, btw). We availed China Tour Advisors‘ Shenzhen (China) Day Tour (you may inquire of the package tour here). Shenzhen is part of mainland China that is just a train ride away from Hong Kong. I find the city really lovely to have beautiful blooms in the middle of their roads and not to mention a clean city too! 

shenzhen shenzhen

At around 8 in the morning, we hopped on a van where  we picked up three other pairs of tourists as well. Then off we go to the train station bound for Shenzhen. We had one travel guide from Holiday Inn that accompanied us the entire day of the tour and one tour guide (her name is CC) in Shenzhen. CC told us that Shenzhen is still a young city in China and evolving fast in terms of economy. A young city where also majority of the people are young as well since they are in need of a lot of ITs and businessmen to add to their workforce.

shenzhen museum

DBK in ShenzhenShangrila Hotel Shenzen

The package tour included a brief history about Shenzhen at Shenzhen Museum, a tour at Mineral Museum (expect lots of jades here), dimsum lunch at Shangrila Hotel (it was also the 25th birthday of our good friend Kram that time. So double celebration! Wee!), and the last part is either you go to their famous shopping center near the international train station or opt to go and immerse at Shenzhen’s famous theme park:

Window of the World

Well you know what they say, once you get hit by the travel bug there is no known cure about it but to just do it! 😉 Of course my group opted to see the Window of the World. Since chinese people have this innovative way of making everything made in their place, well they just made some of the world’s famous tourist attractions squeezed in one area. Amazing! ❤

DBK in Shenzhen

It was a whole day of fun with loooots of walking! Good thing the weather that time was cool and breezy. Would love to go back for shopping. 😉


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