Made in China

My first thought upon arriving at Shenzhen’s famous theme park, Window of the World, is that I wish I brought more clothes to shoot for OOTDs! Haha! Kidding! 😛

Katwinvasion in Window of the World Window of the world window of the world window of the world

The weather is expected to be a bit cooler than Hong Kong so layering is a must! Went there during winter (February 2015).

While dressing up for winter in another country, I stick to pieces that are flexible and won’t be redundant in pictures like the boots that I’m wearing (either you can fold it and have the faux fur displayed or wear it just like that), and scarves that can be worn in different ways. Also stick to one statement piece and build your outfit scheme around it so that it won’t look tacky. I only brought several thin skirts and sweaters for the weeklong trip and a few coats. It’s important to note that while traveling, always pack light. You’ll be surprised by the end of your trip how much kilograms your luggage has gained.

Boots: Aeropostale


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