Macau: 5 Things To Do For A Day

1) Shop and dine (for free) at Senado Square

How to get there: From the Ferry Terminal (went there via Hong Kong – China Ferry Terminal), ride a free shuttle of a Hotel (Grand Lisboa) that’s a walking distance to Senado Square. You can find a lot of free shuttle rides outside the ferry terminal leading to the hotel itself. Take the ones that pass through or near your desired destination. Also, there are A LOT of Filipinos in Macau! The ladies that were attending the bus were pinays and they were really kind. 🙂

It was extra festive on our time of visit (February 2015) because of Chinese New Year. There were colorful bantings and giant dragons and pigs right in the middle of the square. Not to mention Chinese New Year Sale in select brands! We went a little gaga over Giordano’s 50-70% sale!

Speaking of dining for free, I don’t mean a full course. haha! There were numerous stalls that had free tasting of their beef or pork jerky. Aside from that, there are numerous food stalls near St. Paul’s Ruins that had plenty of options on healthy fruit juices, to pair with its famous street food. 😉

Must-see: St. Paul’s Ruins, St. Dominic’s Church (the yellow church)

2) Try bungee jumping at Macau Tower

How to get there: From Senado Square, walk to Praca Jorge Alvarez (bus) Stop and take bus 18 to Macau Tower (As per February 2015, the fare was about MOP 3.20. Pay the exact amount as you only get to drop this at a transparent box near the driver). Personally, we got a little bit lost finding the bus stop from where we were at, but along the way we saw money changer counters so it was also a blessing in disguise! We didn’t really bother to change to macanese pataca (MOP) since Macau accepts HKD but there are other establishments in Macau, especially at the Square that didn’t accept HKDs.

By the time we arrived at Macau Tower, we already reserved our tickets (for info on rates and reservations click here) and it was still daytime. It would have been romantic to view the city lights at night for Macau has a beautiful cityscape. None of us dared to go on bungee jumping though, not on our first visit! But would really love to go back (with enough moolah) and definitely do that historic adrenaline pumping jump! 😀

3) Window shopping at the City of Dreams

How to get there: From Macau Tower, take the free shuttle that heads to the City of Dreams Hotel. There’s a lounge that’s located outside the tower, just near the entrance, you can wait there if the bus hasn’t arrived yet.

Upon arriving at the place, first thing I noticed was their excellent interiors. Everything looked luxurious and even the brands surrounding the casino were luxury brands as well. Good business strategy right there, after winning whatever you got from the place, to the place it shall return if you shop. We had no plans on gambling but since I was very very thirsty, I asked one of the guards standing outside the casino if there were any convenience store or grocery shop along the area, he just told us we can go inside the casino for free water and enter we did. We asked a lady dealer that didn’t have any players on her table for a free water bottle and she gave us plenty. haha! 😀

Must-see: The House of Dancing Water (for tickets and reservations, click here), Vquarium.

4) Dine and stroll at The Venetian

How to get there: The Venetian Macau is just a walking distance across the City of Dreams Hotel. The Venetian is also a hotel, meaning it has free shuttles around the city too. You can literally have an entirely free transportation around Macau from one hotel to another.

It’s bright but just as soft, classical yet modern at the same time, so many things to do yet so little time. Oh venetian, oh venetian! My oh my! My most favorite part in Macau just because I’m a sucker for classical interiors. I mean just look at it, it’s beautiful! My snaps don’t give justice to this beauty. ❤ Oh and don’t forget to try some quick egg tart fix at Lord Stow’s Bakery. 🙂

5) Visit the picturesque Fisherman’s Wharf

How to get there: From The Venetian, take their free shuttle that leads back to the ferry terminal. Fisherman’s Wharf is a walking distance from the ferry pier. It is also the first theme park in Macau.

From shopping, to dining, to sight-seeing, to hotels, to romantic views along the shoreline, this part of Macau already has everything. It was our last stop before we head back to Hong Kong and some of the stores were already closed. Nevertheless, we had the place to ourselves to take unlimited pictures! The place is purposefully romantic at night with a panoramic view of the bridge lit up against the sea paired with the cool land breeze. What a perfect way to end the day. ❤ 😉


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