Hong Kong: 5 Must-See Shows In Disneyland

Welcome to the magical world of Disney! It was my first time in Disneyland Hong Kong and my oh my, I fell inlove with Mickey! I wasn’t really a fan of Mickey Mouse (I’m more of a disney princess fan) but after Disneyland, I finally understood why Mickey enthusiasts love the character. Contrary to popular belief that the place is just for kids, let me just tell you that every corner in Disneyland is just r-o-m-a-n-t-i-c! I agree that it truly is the happiest place on earth from kids up to the grans alike!

How to get there: from our hostel that is located at Chungking Mansions, we took the nearest MTR, from Tsim Sha Tsui station to Central. From Central, we boarded another train that leads to Sunny Bay. And finally from there, another train to Disneyland! Don’t worry, you won’t get lost from Sunny Bay, there is but one and only train that will take you to the place. (for the MTR guide, click here) 😉

Now before you forget with all the rides and photo ops of your favorite disney characters, here are…

5 MUST-SEE shows in Disneyland, Hong Kong

1. The Lion King 

I cried inside at this particular show. Everyone was excellent and Lion King is my personal favorite as a child. I remember that I even had a crush on Simba before! It was weird though because he was a young lion. Lol It was nostalgic to see this show where childhood memories came back to life!

Tip: Don’t forget to grab a tourist map brochure along the main entrance of the theme park. This will help you with the directions and time of the shows. Also, it is best to fall in line at least 10 minutes before the show or earlier for not everyone can be accommodated inside the theater.

2. Flights of Fantasy Parade

Since disneyland is such a huge place, take note of their parades along their main roads. You get to see your favorite disney characters dancing or waving.

Tip: Best to secure a spot in front, along the sidewalk for the best view. Other characters go down their float and might take a selfie with you. 😉

3. Golden Mickeys 

Think Oscars, the golden Mickeys is a 30 minute live show hosted by Bebe where Mickey and friends perform their popular songs. Ariel, Belle, Jessie and Woody, just to name a few. You wouldn’t want to miss this show of a lifetime for Mickey fanatics and for the soon-to-be fanatics too! I nearly cried! ❤

Tip: Make sure to grab some disney snacks beforehand to soak in that ultimate disney feels! 😉

4. Paint the Night Parade

A beautiful night parade of Mickey and friends with well-thought of LED lights design in each float or costume! It’s still along the main road and tourists flock along the sidewalk so make sure to secure a spot of your choice. There’s also a Mickey glove merchandise from the disney store paired with the paint brush wand that sends out colorful LED lights. Some dancers have a wand with them and you can wave your gloves at them to have the same color as theirs.

5. Disney in the Stars Fireworks

Don’t go home without watching their amazing fireworks show. I can’t really tell which is the best spot to watch from personal experience as the display will take your breath away in any corner. But a lot of posts suggest to view it in front of sleeping beauty’s castle at Main Street USA, make sure to go there minutes before the show starts as tourists tend to flock the area too. We had our viewing at the second floor/balcony on one of the buildings fronting the castle. It wasn’t the best spot but already magical for me. ❤


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