Hong Kong: 5 Extreme Rides You Don’t Want To Miss in Ocean Park

This theme park is not for the faint-hearted one. Aside from their educational Grand Aquarium, Ocean Park is known for their hair-raisingadrenaline-pumping rides! This theme park is really huge, it has a train (Ocean Express Stations) and a cable car (Summit Cable Car Station) inside for easy and fast passage from one area to the next.

How to get there: From our guesthouse we took the nearest MTR which is the Tsim Sha Tsui station and from there, we took the train that leads to AdmiraltyFrom admiralty we exited at Exit B and got into Citybus Route 629 bound for Ocean Park. This is a bit tricky and if you’re not careful with the signs, you might get lost. Be keen and snappy in stations as there are plenty of people who are also in a rush. Oh and don’t forget to load up on your octupus card! 😀 So here are my…

Top 5 Awesome Rides in Ocean Park

1. The FLASH

The FLASH will literally turn your whole world upside down. Imagine the skies at your feet, like seriously walking on clouds. I personally love love love this ride! We loved it so much, once was never enough! As what Ocean Park says, “A thrill only for most hardcore visitors!” 😉 If you want to view the ride you may click here.

Location: Thrill Mountain | Summit

2. Hair Raiser

Hair Raiser is located near The Flash still at the Summit. This hair-raising roller coaster ride is noted to be one of those rides that has the best view overlooking the South China Sea. Definitely not your typical floorless roller coaster, don’t ever leave Ocean Park without experiencing this helluva ride.

Location: Thrill Mountain | Summit

3. The Abyss

The Abyss

No, that’s really not the picture of The Abyss but you get the picture along the queue. My friend here (holding the cam) took a selfie with this bunch of pretties that were also very excited to try this ride. We loved the ride so much and still saw each other during our second time! These girls are very nice, one of them had her birthday on that day and decided to spend it with her friends in Ocean Park (with their moms of course!).

The Abyss, if I were to describe it, is the closest thing to bungy jumping! This is the only ride that got me looking really silly (if it was caught on cam, I know I’d look really funny and disfigured). It literally shook my entire being that it made me scream at the top of my lungs until my voice left me! The plunge to the ground that was 20 stories tall made me rethink of my life choices. lol The number 1 ride for me! 😀 If you want to view the ride you may click here.

Location: Marine World | Summit

4. The Dragon

I won’t forget the time when we were waiting in line, the group fronting us were also speaking in bisaya. I’m sure you know the feeling every time you see a kababayan in your trip abroad. It just makes your day at the park extra special. 🙂

Unfortunately, we had no picture taken at The Dragon. Another MUST TRY from Marine World. This crazy monster of a ride is surely not one to miss! A roller coaster that will definitely tear you up (I’m guilty at that!) at the speed of a hurricane! Definitely one of the craziest rides you’ll have in a lifetime!

I’d like to tag what Ocean Park really has to say about this ride, “A nightmare for even the most hardened thrill seekers.” Yep. What they said. 😉 If you want to view the ride you may click here.

Location: Marine World | Summit

5. Mine Train

Mine Train

Here is my friend, posing against the heavenly view at the Mine Train. We didn’t have any picture with this ride as we were really excited to hop on! This coaster will definitely give you a taste of the Wild West with all its rustic vibes. It may look and feel like it’s about to fall apart but we trust Ocean Park that it’s completely safe, right guys? 😀

This ride has the best view of the sun, sea, and the city! Definitely a sight to behold. If you want to view the ride you may click here.

Location: Adventure Land | Summit

How about you, what are your top rides at Ocean Park? There’s a lot to pick but these are what stood out for me. I would love to know your top picks too, comment below or tag me with yours! ❤


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