Iligan City: Pinch Sugar and Spice x Calligraphy Workshop

Pinch has been around the block for a couple of months already. I specifically love this place not just because of their lovely interior, their delectable pastries, and savory pastas, but that this business emerged out of the wellspring of the heart. Both the owners run this business hands-on. Teamwork at its finest! 😉

As per Mr. Fajardo, his wife quit her high paying day job to pursue her love for baking and anything artistic (she’s the one responsible for the window, tables and chairs’ artworks). Knowing the story behind their business, I can’t help but get inspired by their courage to really pursue something that they truly are passionate about and not just opening a business out of commercialism.

During Pinch‘s early days, they only plan to open a cake studio just to display his wife’s finished products. Until people came and frequently asked if they serve any food or snacks, so they decided for good to turn it into a homey cafe instead. The place spells i-n-s-p-i-r-a-t-i-o-n all over! Students flock over and just spend time reading, eating, drinking, studying, talking, and doing anything under the sun. ❤

If you know me well, I really like to experiment on (new) drinks or shall I say, (new) teas for me. I have to admit that I am more of a tea than a coffee person. This particular iced tea of theirs is unique and i love it! It’s made up of black tea (a personal favorite), some real peach, and their very own syrup recipe. ❤

pinch iligan

Pinch also displays TrueVine health products. The owners are gearing towards organic, healthy, and wellness products. They don’t only run their business just for the sake of it but it is first and foremost their way of life. ❤

I can go on admiring this little piece of haven in Iligan City but it’s best that you go check it out for yourself to know what I’m talking about! This coming Saturday (that is tomorrow, April 9!), Pinch invited Ms. Sanacia Revil to conduct A Beginner’s Class On Modern Calligraphy Workshop! For a registration fee of Php 1,500 you get to have calligraphy supplies needed for the workshop and snacks from Pinch!

They just posted that they will have an afternoon session since the morning sched (9am-12nn) got sold out real fast. Click here for more details on the workshop. Hurry and inquire now! See you! ❤

(All photos used courtesy of Naomi Orejana)


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