Philippines: Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) with Scuba de Oro

Last October 2015, my friend invited us to join her with her scuba diving lessons as an Open Water Diver through a one time dive experience called Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) Program. My diver friend took her PADI Open Water Diver Course under Scuba de Oro, if you ask me, its the best scuba diving school in Cagayan de Oro City!

Scuba de Oro’s DSD Package Program

DSD scuba de oro

We started our day early at around 5am from CDO and drove to Jasaan Port. From there, we boarded Scuba de Oro’s boat bound for Agutayan Marine Sanctuary. Their DSD Program costs (as of October 2015) PHP 3,600 (for the boat, diving kit & equipments) and if you want to avail their breakfast, lunch, and snacks you may add PHP 500 (optional). I suggest you go for the latter because diving can make you really hungry, no joke! For fees on other diving programs/lessons, you may go to their Facebook page here.

What To Expect?

scuba de oro discover scuba diving
The 4 DSD Divers with Scuba de Oro’s Certified PADI Open Water Divers

When you say DSD, it automatically means a one time diving experience that will let you cover 3/4s of pool or open water lessons once you start with PADI Open Water Diver Certification Program. DSD is simply an introduction on what’s it like being a certified open water diver. I gotta admit, I got super stoked right after and can’t wait to have proper training as a certified scuba diver! Of course, still under Scuba de Oro but that dream has to wait for now. ❤

Master A (Amir Elazegui) is the best dive instructor there is! He doesn’t skip with all of the safety precautions before, during, and after diving as he is determined to produce quality and best divers out of Scuba de Oro and even if we only had DSD Program, he was still all out in teaching us! That is why if I finally decide to start with scuba diving lessons, I will always go back to Scuba de Oro. Safety and quality diving at its finest!

The Experience

scuba de oro discover scuba diving
Happy faces on our first shallow dive in the open waters with Master A! Mask clearing struggle is real you guys!

Once you get to Agutayan Island, you’ll have a lesson going through the DSD booklet. After that, you’ll have your first dive by pairs on shallow waters performing the techniques you have learned during the lesson beforehand. Since diving is by pair (buddy system), if you’re more than 4 people taking the DSD on the same day, it will really take some time. There were 4 of us on our DSD experience and it took us about a day in the ocean to complete the whole program, taking turns in diving on different diving points in the area.

Our dives were awesome that day with super clear visibility! Its because our dive was scheduled after a storm and you know what that means! It means that the storm or typhoon swept the ocean squeaky clean so expect clear waters a day after! Yahoo! 😀

Let me just say that Agutayan Marine Sanctuary is such a beauty underneath! With sea turtles, white tip reef shark, stingray, school of jacks sightings just to name a few, it really is a whole new world under the sea! Looking back at our photos, I couldn’t help but   imagining myself wearing monofins and a mermaid tail and twirling around with the colorful fishes like Disney Princess Ariel! LOL

Have you gone through the DSD course as well? How was your experience? Or are you still planning to try scuba diving? Let me know and drop a comment or two! I would love to help and convince you to try out scuba diving! It’s all worth it! ❤

All photos courtesy of Marie Mae Abadiano. She’s a PADI Open Water Diver. Check out her FB account here for more of her underwater and dive life photos.


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