Hole In The Wall

 For all I thought that this shirt is a new trend on the block, boy I was wrong. This sheer shirt that ties up at the bottom with holes on the sleeves is definitely a comeback.

See, trends truly come and go and if you ask me for styling tips, I’m more on luxe casual and anything in between. The trick is to make it yours. Know your body type, which suits you best and work your way around it. You don’t have to always be “in” the trend buying all the off-shoulders or cropped tops in the world but if you are confident and comfortable in statement shirts then it’s fine. Just add a quirky cover-up or jacket on days you want to look new.

There are countless ways of building up your personal style. Seek inspiration on body types and skin tone that’s similar to yours (that’s what I do!) and of course on people with common interests as yours. My styling preference is really simple but not to a minimal blah. It doesn’t matter if it’s branded or not, as long as I’m comfortable in it, with it (the material matters!), and lastly if it’s a classic (a clothing staple, basics), you’re sure to see me wearing it.

I also look up to other fashion bloggers for their own sense of style. My favorite when it comes to modern boho chic is no other than Jag Lever, yep! Guilty of having an opposite skin tone inspo but you just gotta give it to her, I mean I love to shoot at country settings too! 😉 Also when it comes to sophisti-cute and dainty style, it has got to be Tricia Gosingtian from our very own Philippines. If I want to have a go on high-end fashion that’s wearable, Kim Jones is the way to go. Will be incorporating other blog inspirations for the following posts too.

I hope this helps you and don’t hesitate to check out those blogs if you haven’t heard of them yet by simply clicking their name. 😉 What other style inspirations you want to know? Would love to know them by your comments below! 🙂

Photography: Joshua I. Mabaquiao/ MUA: Jay Angela Mabulay/ Fedora Hat: SM Dept. Store/ Shorts: Folded & Hung/ Mandals: Penshoppe/ Necklace: Forever 21


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