Philippines: Panglao Red Palmera Resort in Bohol

Ohhh, Bohol! At last! Where beautiful white sand beaches are located, the MOST delicious halo-halo ever tasted, and rich marine sanctuaries are situated! Those are definitely just some of the few things that I think of when talking about Bohol. I’ve always longed to be in this little magical island so when my younger cousin invited me for a weekend stay, I gladly said yes (even if that means I get to be her chaperone. lol)!

The Red Palm

Situated in Doljo, Panglao. The Red Palm is a 30-40min ride from Tagbilaran port. The resort is near South Palms Resort Panglao. They basically share the same beach stretch so if you’re on a practical budget but don’t want to sacrifice comfort, then The Red Palm is perfect for you.

Serene and homey are two words that best describe the feels of the place. I specifically love that full r&r you get with their stay since it’s quite a ride (15-20mins) away from the party scene in Alona beach. Here are some snaps of our view fronting our room.

P.S. Shoutout to the Polentinos and the caretakers of The Red Palm for being so generous with us all throughout our stay! We definitely had so much fun! ❤

My OOTD for the whole day without power in Bohol! Sheer blouse and shorts from AC’s Clothing Rack— be sure to check ’em out ladies! 😉 Apparently during our second day, the island had a rotating brownout schedule so we opted to stay along Alona Beach while waiting for the power go back. If I’m not mistaken, the resort didn’t have a generator yet on our time of visit (June 10-12, 2016).

It was the perfect excuse to drag our booties off and explore the island and spend time in Alona Beach where a branch of Bohol Bee Farm is located– they serve the MOST delicious HALO-HALO I’ve tasted my whole life! No kidding!


Their accommodation for a homey type of resort is something that I can truly say, you get more than what you pay for. The rooms are clean and spacious– big beds, big room area for extra beds, big closet, spacious bathroom with hot and cold shower!

For room rate inquiries you may visit their page and contact them directly, just click here.

Resort Lobby

Their WiFi is up to here and is fast! Their kitchen is open upon request of the guest so whatever you ask them, they’ll find a way. 😉 Beside the lobby is their pool and with just a walking distance from the resort’s gate, you can already enjoy the beachfront.

Here is my beautiful cousin (the one with the flower crown) with her equally beautiful friends! I gladly took their photos for the blog! Yay! Instant models! ❤

The Beachfront

The crystal clear waters and the powdery white sand of Doljo, Panglao! ❤ There were a number of boats in the area, it may be because of the diving sites Bohol has to offer. I noticed a number of korean divers went in for a night dive while they passed through the resort’s lobby going to the beachfront while we were having our dinner.

South Palms Resort at the back! We planned to walk along the shore and visit South Palms’ beachfront but didn’t really have all the energy after spending our whole afternoon at Alona Beach.

Stars (starfish) in the ocean! Aaackk! The clear waters of the resort’s beachfront. ❤ Will definitely go back and maybe try their night dive? Why not? 😉

I hope you find this post helpful! Whether you’re planning to stay or go back in Bohol or the Philippines, The Red Palm is ready to welcome you with their homey service and give you the rest and relaxation you greatly deserve! Have a happy weekend! ❤


7 thoughts on “Philippines: Panglao Red Palmera Resort in Bohol

    1. Their rooms can accommodate families, Ann! They’re also very flexible with the customer’s requests. You may contact them through their website posted above. Hihi ❤️ Have fun in your stay in Bohol with the fambam!❤️


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