Brand Review: Snoe Beauty Inc. Philippines

Happy Monday to you, beautiful! I’m ecstatic to share this beauty brand that’s proudly made in the Philippines! Yep! You heard it right! Snoe is a Philippine based beauty brand that’s here to sweeten up your back-to-school/office/everyday looks with their quirky packaging & yummy (either it tastes good or looks good) products!

Snoe Beauty Inc.

Two weeks ago, Jen Gerodias-Diaz of Snoe Beauty sent products all the way to Iligan for some bloggers to try. Thank you Snoe for being so sweet! I got really curious about the beauty brand and asked Jen a few questions:

1. What made you start a beauty line?

I am a beauty junkee. I like shopping for cosmetics. Skincare, haircare, makeup, etc. My husband suggested since I shop and try so many brands why don’t I create my own instead. I started selling soaps in bazaars and since clients would ask for other products like lotion and scrubs, we created a full line of over 300 products.

2. What sets Snoe Beauty apart from other Filipino beauty brands or organic beauty products?

First, we are not an organic brand. We like using naturally derived ingredients, however, I also believe that we have to be up to date with what science has to offer when it comes to ingredients. The research behind biotechnology and also being up to date with the latest ingredients is what sets us apart. We usually phase out products coz we keep improving, even our best sellers!

My Top Picks

Their Dry Conditioner is the bomb! With their convenient new packaging, this product is definitely your hair hero! Its on my favorite list! Tried this for a day with only two full pumps (because my thick hair needs a lot of it) and my hair smelled divine all throughout the day! I literally woke up the day after with my hair still smelling soooo good! #iwokeuplikethis moment 😀

What’s up with my brows? Just their Tinted Eyebrow Pencil Wax! This product spells L-O-V-E. A personal favorite because of its wax formula, you get two products in one: an eyebrow pencil and a brow set! I didn’t use any brow set with this one anymore because my eyebrows were already behaving like angels. With just light strokes to fill in the sparse areas and a little blending, you’re good to go! 😉

Snoe Lip and Cheek Tint Katrin LapenaAnother personal favorite from Snoe is their Glam Jam Lip & Cheek Plumper Tint. I use it almost everyday! It containts Beta-Glucan, a skin-conditioning agent derived from mushrooms that has better moisturizing effect than hyaluronic acid, Acerola Cherry that contains high levels of Vitamin C to increase radiance for that continuous glow, and Escargot that heals and helps with skin regeneration. No wonder it stays soft on the lips when used as a lip tint and when used as a cheek tint, it stays in place all throughout the day!

Snoe Beauty Inc Katrin LapenaTheir Pore Erasing HD Powder is a completely translucent powder that sets foundation and mattifies skin. It will soften the appearance of skin imperfections and fits all skin tones. It has oil -absorbing nutrient rich Bamboo Silk & high-grade ultra fine silica powder covers the pores without clogging, Witch hazel extract that helps control excess sebum and protects against irritation, Sage extract to help shrink pores, Purefix- DC inhibits acne bacteria that will stop inflammation and also acts as an anti-oxidant.

Snoe Beauty lip vinyl and kylie lip kitOn my lips is Kylie Lip Kit in Dolce K but behind those Kylie lips is Snoe’s High Definition Lip Vinyl. I used it in one of my recent OOTD shoots and maaaaan, can it be just beauty shots forevs? lol! This wonder product makes the lips plump without even trying to pout! Kylie Lip Kits x Snoe Pout Pow is the perfect combo that will give your lips that full, pouty, Kylie-ish look! 😉

img_2209Their Body Ritual 5 in 1 Cleansing Syrup is my most favorite of them all! It’s a hand wash, bath gel, bubble bath, shampoo, and a brush cleaner ALL IN a price for ONE! I tried all of its uses and I LA LA LA LA LOOOVE IT! From the feels to the smell, aaaackk! I’m in love with this product! You better try it yourself to know what I mean! ❤

Click the product name (in bold) and you’ll be redirected to their site. You can conveniently buy their products in the comforts of your home as they have an online shop in, talk about easy and secure shopping!

Have you tried out their products? What’s your favorite Snoe Beauty product? Let me know in the comment section below! Have a happy week ahead pretties!


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