Xina Maldita goes to Bohol (with me)! In relation to my previous post on my recent Bohol trip, here is a sole OOTD post taken from the beautiful Virgin Island of Bohol. If you haven’t read my previous post about the trip yet, you may click here.

Virgin Island (Isola di Francesco)

Virgin Island is now known as Isola di Francesco. We went there early in the morning so there weren’t much tourists yet. From our resort we rode a habal-habal going to the dock. They have free (I’m not sure about this) boat rides going to the island alone yet we were told to drop a donation on the box inside the boatWe explored the whole island to ourselves! The island has been made into a pilgrimage center. On our time of visit last June 11, the chapel was still under construction. On our way back, there were a lot of devotees waiting for the boat going to the island (I guess this is the part were the ride gets to be free).

Panglao Church (San Agustin)

A quick stop to this old church before heading back to the resort. It’s just a walking distance from the dock for the boats going to Virgin Island.

I love love love love wearing maxi dresses to the beach! Especially this type of maxi dresses from Xina Maldita, the stretchability it gives is endless (okay that might be exag but look at how bagsak it is nearing the ends of the dress) and the cotton is really soft too which is a total plus! You don’t want to wear something that isn’t like that to the beach now, would you?

I just love how flowy and fuss-free a maxi dress is and doubles up as a cover-up if you’re done swimming. You can order online for a similar dress from her Facebook account (click here). Is it just me or are you like that too? ❤

Maxi Dress & Monokini: Xina MalditaHat: Terranova/ Sandals: Grendha


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