Lace It Up At The Beach!

Welcome back my lovely readers! ❤ If you’ve noticed, I’ve been posting some backlog (throwback) posts recently so please bear with me. 😉 Here is another style post taken from the beautiful Virgin Island of Panglao, Bohol.

As soon as I saw this pretty pastel blue corner (just in front of the island’s quirky comfort room), I knew I had to shoot this lace-y maxi dress from Forever 21 here. Looking at the pictures now, it looks like it’s been taken from another place! Virgin Island truly has a lot of surprises in every corner, including their comfort room. You guys should definitely check it out! 😉

kat lapena forever 21 maxi dress

And since this island has been turned into a pilgrimage center, they have their own chapel within the place, I can just imagine couples getting married in that chapel and shoot in every corner of the island! Awesomes!

What do you think of this maxi dress? Where do you plan to wear this type of dress, a lace-y, flowy, elegant maxi dress? Comment below! ❤

Lace Maxi Dress: Forever 21


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