Philippines: 5 Things To Do When In Boracay Island

When you hear about Boracay Island, “non-stop partying” immediately comes to mind. Well this isn’t a guide for the best party spots in the island but I can share with you what my idea of 5 BEST THINGS TO DO when in Boracay. (Thanks to my friend, Cha, for our action-packed itinerary!)


1. ATV your way up to Boracay’s Highest Peak in Mt. Luho and back!


If I remember it correctly, it takes less than 30 mins-1 hour duration for this whole activity (depending on your driving and hiking pace towards the summit). Take note on safety measures and enjoy every scenery! Even while riding the ATV/Buggy going up, you can already appreciate the humbler side of the island. Once you reach the foot of the viewing deck, arm yourselves with a hundred or more steps toward the summit! Make sure to bring a camera with you and enjoy the 360 view of Boracay Island. ❤


Note: Always remember to bring cash for the ATV/Buggy fee + viewing deck entrance fee. Estimated damage as of June 2014 is PHP 550 below (ATV + Mt. Luho viewing deck).

2. Cliff Diving at Magic Island

This is a bit tricky. Should we have known that there’s a sole trip from Boracay Island going to Magic Island, we could’ve grabbed that instead of paying for the whole “island hopping” which only consists of cliff diving in Magic Island, snorkeling/fish feeding in Crocodile Island, and a side trip to Puka Beach (entrance fee is excluded).

I highly suggest that you take the direct trip from Boracay to Magic Island and vice versa. It would only cost you around PHP 500 or less. It will cut any unnecessary expense and you’ll get to enjoy cliff diving to the fullest! You can skip snorkeling/fish feeding if you’ve done it already in your lifetime, it’s just the same thing if you’ll ask me. Not much to free dive as well. Scuba diving in Boracay is another story. 😉

Note: Do not trust Boracay’s waterproof casing/bag as your phone’s underwater case. It happened to me and it was the last few moments of my dear iPhone5– happily snorkeling under the waters of Crocodile Island. Huhu! Estimated damage of our Island Hopping as of June 2014 is PHP 1,400/person and there were already 5 of us in the group.

3. Try FlyFish Adventure in one of Boracay’s Water Sports Activities


You’ve never been to Boracay if you haven’t tried Fly Fish! FlyFish Adventure is an inflatable raft that’s pulled by a speedboat. Four of us went up for the challenge while our photographer friend (Hi Josh!) patiently captured all our blooper moments while riding the speedboat. This ride is literally the life and death of me. I fell in the middle of our ride and only saw the great view of the sky and the sea as I rolled my way into the deep blue ocean like a bowling ball being tossed!  I thought I was going home with a lot of casts in my body. But God is great! I survived and still very much alive up to this day!


I highly recommend riding it by pair! I don’t recommend riding it like how we did it with my friends (there were 4 of us) because there’s a huge chance that one of you might fall. You don’t want that to happen, trust me.

Note: Face your fears and try not to fall! *Kapit lang bes!*Estimated damage for this ride is PHP 500/person.

4. Parasailing in one of Boracay’s Water Sports Activities

Another way to have a bird’s eye view of the island is to try parasailing. If you’re one who’s afraid of heights, you might just conquer your fear with this. Trust me, it isn’t a life and death situation. Going up, you might experience a slight tingly feeling but once you’re on top, wala na– boring na. LOL


But it’s a great way to de-stress though. To just appreciate everything– God’s magnificent creation, your life, you’re in Boracay– finally! Enjoy the simple things. ❤ You can also ask your providers for a dip going down. It’ll give you a quick adrenaline rush for the adrenaline junkies out there!

Note: Estimated damage for this ride is PHP 1,700/person if you’re with someone and PHP 2,500/person if you’re riding it alone.

5. Try out mermaid swimming lessons by Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy (PMSA) Boracay

Fulfill your little mermaid dreams by taking mermaid-ing lessons with Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy Boracay! It’s not as easy as you think. You may consider mermaid swimming lessons as core workout and it’s addicting! I seriously considered buying a monofin and learn freediving after this experience. Teehee! ❤

Note: As of June 2014, estimated damage for mermaid swimming lesson + photoshoot is PHP 1,500/person. While you can also just opt for just a photoshoot with the tail for PHP 750. I highly suggest that you take the former as it will give you another perspective that it truly isn’t easy being a mermaid– you’ll get to appreciate freediving even more. 😉

Here’s our Boracay trip in a nutshell by our photog/videographer friend, Josh (Thanks, Josh!). Enjoy! I hope you find this post helpful on your next trip to Boracay. Remember to stay stylish as you invade one place at a time! 😉


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