May We Never Lose Our Wonder | Wedding Guest OOTD Series

Hi beautiful people! We’re now on the second post on this month’s brand new series: Wedding Guest OOTD Ideas! For this second post, here’s a Beach Wedding OOTD in case you get invited to one. If you want to read about last week’s post, you may click here.

kat-lapena-beach-wedding-guest-ootd kat-lapena-beach-wedding-guest-ootd1

Whenever I get invited to events, I usually just pull something out of my closet instead of buying new clothes. Unless I go for a particular peg and have an important role in the wedding (and you’re not part of the entourage) then that’s the time I go searching for something new (if and only if I don’t have anything yet on a specific color palette for a wedding). Other than that, like me, you can always work out something with what you already have in your closet.

I wore this simple and bright outfit to a beach wedding and you may think errthings all new but nope!  I’ve had this bright skirt for a while now. I used it as a cover up from a previous post and now to a formal event! Don’t underestimate the power of a maxi skirt that can go from casual to formal.

Also kept the make-up to a minimal to pair with the sweet look I’m going for. Since it’s a beach wedding, know that you can go away with anything light and flowy as long as the weather’s humid. Research ahead on the weather if it’s a destination wedding that you may bring a cardigan if it gets a bit chilly later on.

kat-lapena-beach-wedding-guest-ootd2 kat-lapena-beach-wedding-guest-ootd3

Most of my accessories are hand-me-downs, the watch and bag that I’m using here are gifts from my cousin and aunt. I’m truly grateful for a generous family that I don’t have to buy stuff anymore. This Tiffany & Co. bracelet is also from a giveaway by Clozette– Your Personal Online Closet and a Fashion Social Network.


What do you think of this look? Do you have a similar post on beach wedding guest ootd ideas? I would love to read them on the comments! Have a stylish weekend! ❤

Top: Forever 21/ Maxi Skirt: Terranova/ Watch: Fossil/ Bracelet: Tiffany & Co. from Clozzete/ Handbag: Cole Haan


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