Gwiyomi Dressing | AC’s Clothing Rack

Welcome back to our Sponsored Mondays, beauties! Here is a cute Forever 21 dress from AC’s Clothing Rack. I find the dress really cute (and in great condition too!) so I went for a full-blown cutie look thus the title gwiyomi, a korean word for a cute person.

You can score more sweet looks similar to this from AC’s Clothing Rack at a friendlier rate than the mall prize. The store houses a number of branded overruns that are in great condition! No kidding!

Branded overruns are authentic products from the brand itself that didn’t make the cut that’s why it’s not displayed in a brand’s official physical store. A frequent reason that I noticed in overrun products is that it’s a wrong size, the tag may have L (large) yet it’s only an S (small).

Overall, branded overruns are pretty much in great condition. Score great finds at AC’s Clothing Rack today! They’re located at the back of Dunkin Donuts main branch, just across I ❤ milktea.

What do you think of this look? What’s your favorite AC’s Clothing Rack piece(s)? I would love to know them in the comments! Have a stylish week up ahead!

Forever 21 Skater Dress: AC’s Clothing Rack (FB, IG)/ Oversized Cover Up: Forever 21/ Casio Watch: The Prime Hoarder (IG)/ Sandals: Stripes & Strappies (FB)

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