Hello Beautiful! | Ciao Bella

“Hello, beautiful!”, can be a greeting or it can also be Ciao Bella at Gaisano. I love how this house brand caters from basic casuals down to formal dresses and gowns that start only at P300! Ciao Bella is available at Gaisano Malls in Iligan, Cagayan de Oro, & Butuan.

The thing about department store brands is that it can be overlooked because of the vast clothes displayed. So for today, let me do the honors of introducing one of my personal picks from this house brand in Gaisano.


This white dress is available in Ciao Bella Gaisano Iligan. The moment I saw it, I knew it’s going to be sold out real fast. For just around P500, you can already pull off a look that’s A&F inspired! Sounds like a perfect gift idea for girly girls, not to mention that Valentines is fast approaching! *clears throat* 😉

Since it’s a house brand, Ciao Bella is exclusively available at Gaisano Malls only. Particularly Gaisano Iligan, Gaisano Cagayan de Oro, & Gaisano Butuan. Proudly local & from the South too!

ciao-bella3 ciao-bella-1

The details and quality of their clothes look undeniably expensive & it might be mistaken to be really pricey but in reality it’s actually affordable.

Whoever said shopping needs to be expensive? You only need to shop smart! 😉


Get this dress & more only at Ciao Bella! Ciao Bella at Gaisano Iligan is located at their 2nd floor, Department Store – Women’s Department. Ciao Bella is also available in Gaisano Cagayan de Oro & Gaisano Butuan.

Get updated with the latest trends by liking their Facebook Page here and following their Instagram account here.

Have fun shopping at Ciao Bella! I would love to see your ootds by tagging @iloveciaobella on Instagram with the hashtags #BellaGirl #CiaoBella #iLoveCiaoBella

Don’t forget to always stay stylish! xo ❤

Dress: Ciao Bella at Gaisano


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