Makeup Artist and Hairstylist | Engaged Series

Welcome back my lovely readers! For this particular post on beauty, I’ll be spilling out the beans on my two beautiful Makeup Artist and Hairstylist sisters! Yep, they sure are sisters! If you’re around CDO, I’m sure you know Jay and Thea.

The Makeup Artist: Jay ❤

I’ve known Jay since first year college and it was the start of our lifelong friendship. Jay is definitely one of those friends who sticks closer than a sister, she’s witness to my life’s milestones since college & I couldn’t be more proud to where she’s at right now in her life.

She’s a self-taught makeup artist, got addicted to Youtube makeup videos long before beauty vloggers became a thing. A lot of us encouraged her to start filming already because we definitely love her work! I can describe her makeup style as very bridal, flawless base and definitely flaunts your facial asset. Book Jay for your makeup services needs, you gain not just an artist but a friend. ❤

Married to Oli almost 3 years ago, the first to get married in our college barkada (DBK, see DBK travels here). Also with her very cutesy little handsome, Mikey! Lovely little family! A mommy-preneur, she also runs an online makeup shop, Inyourface Shop on IG and FB.

The Hairstylist: Thea ❤

Thea, the curly one, is Jay’s younger sister. Thea’s always been the sweet little sister that we all have. Yes, DBK is her siblings extension, we are unofficially adopted by their big mommah that is Mommy L!

Jay is also into hairstyling but she insists that Thea does it if you want a more intricate look. The time I asked her to do my hair for the prenup shoot, she asked me for my pegs so that she can study the looks ahead. Yep! That’s Thea in real life too, she’s diligent with her work. I love her braids! She definitely does it like a pro! ❤

She’s also a recent stunning bride! Married to Banoy, you can look up their wedding celebration if you search #TheYangNoyWedding on FB and IG.

Financial Advisors

These sisters aren’t your typical artists. They’re also licensed AXA financial advisors. They definitely helped me invest my savings wisely & I’m sure they can help you out too.

I started mine almost two years ago and also opened for my family members. We’re happy to have our life insurance linked with investment, not only we save money, there’s also a bigger interest held than left in the bank.

I don’t have any doubts endorsing Jay and Thea to you because I know them for a long time already and they won’t force you with anything that you can’t afford at the moment. A financial advisor’s job is to assist you with where you want to put your savings wisely.

Book Jay and Thea on your wedding day or even for a cup of coffee and they’ll help you with your investment plans. Love these stylish girls! ❤

Jay | FB | AXA Financial Advisor 0906 343 0476

Thea | FBAXA Financial Advisor 0927 350 1026

Photography: Naomi Orejana


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