Picking The Wedding Gown

Welcome back beautiful! How’s it going? Got caught up with the wedding preparations a.k.a. wedding cramming for me! I realized that a woman’s biggest project of her life next to thesis is actually her own wedding. (Yep, cramming Kat as a student! Teehee!) Don’t get me wrong though, I was super chill as a leaf on my wedding day, thanks to our excellent wedding coordinator, Ruel Quinones of GH Events Coordination.

But before I dive into supplier details on my wedding, this deserves a sole post on the blog. Personally, I wanted a no fuss wedding gown where it’s flowy, simple, sexy, and economical (because hello, budget!) all at the same time. I only had one person in mind to make my wedding gown but my designer friend had to leave for UK in less than two weeks so Kim made my second dress instead. I have no design in mind (for the wedding gown) either so my best first option was to rent an RTW.

Good thing there’s a Bridal Showroom in Cagayan de Oro City that has RTW wedding gowns and it’s no other than Fiona Clara by Alma Mae Roa. What a lifesaver at that time! I was accompanied by no less than my MOH. So from Iligan, we intentionally drove all the way to CDO for gown fittings and it was worth it!

First I thought that it’ll be another day of fittings but it truly was different. In that small room, every fit of a gown has a spark on its own. They have a full length mirror plastered on the entire wall and you get to stand on a pedestal. The feeling is just surreal, finally getting married! ❤

The Backless

Off The Shoulder

The Trumpet Cut

The Mermaid Cut

All these wedding gowns are just lovely in their own unique way and if I have to choose an RTW wedding gown, I’d go straight to Fiona Clara by Alma Mae Roa. They’re located at BELLA VITA, 2nd Floor, ATCO Bldg., Capistrano-corner-Gomez Streets, Cagayan de Oro City.

Remember not to focus much on the things that are out of your control but you can definitely look stylish without hurting your pocket! Marriage is more important than the wedding but it wouldn’t hurt if you’d look radiant on your wedding day, right? I didn’t get to wear a Fiona Clara on my wedding day because my wedding gown came as a gift from Ate Mai. (Thank you forever! I just can’t stop thanking her!) God has been so so so good and faithful! You just have to learn to trust Him with everything. ❤


3 thoughts on “Picking The Wedding Gown

  1. All these gowns are so beautiful! Actually, I love all wedding gowns! I just don’t like the typical shiny fabric they use, it makes me look old LOL. But you wear it well! I hope you have a blissful wedding!


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