Korean Makeup | Rucy’s Vanity Philippines

Hello there, pretty! Before this month ends, let me share with you what kept me looking fresh for the whole month of wedding planning. Thanks to Rucy’s Vanity Korean Cosmetics!See FB, IG, website ❤

I’ve always wanted to try a Korean inspired makeup look for my very Filipina features and thank God for Rucy’s Vanity for reaching out and letting me try some of their products. There’s something about a Korean makeup look that’s very youthful and fresh, don’t you agree?

But I also noticed that popular distributors of Korean skincare and cosmetic products here in the Philippines cost so much! It’s undeniably expensive and also one of the main reasons why I didn’t jump into the trend (kinain ng sistema!). Luckily for us, the thrifty bunch, Rucy’s Vanity got us covered!

Rucy’s Vanity is a 100% Korean cosmetics brand offering high quality cosmetics at a VERY AFFORDABLE price! Nope, not joking on VERY AFFORDABLE. If you’re someone who’s all about affordability and quality skincare and cosmetics products, then Rucy’s Vanity is definitely your one stop shop for Korean beauty finds! See official website here.

Tah-dah! Here’s my Korean look using all the products they sent me. Please don’t judge, tried my hardest to achieve a Korean eyebrow and that’s the straightest my eyebrows can get. Tee-hee!

L-R: Two Way Cake, Gleamy Lavish Waterproof Mascara, Liquid Eyeliner, Lip & Cheek Red, Auto Eyebrow Pencil

This Two Way Cake is a personal favorite! I can use it as a powder (if used with a dry applicator), or as a foundation (if used with a damp applicator). I love its coverage, I have red spots on my face and it does a pretty good job in hiding them giving me a flawless and natural look. Nope, it doesn’t cake on me when used with a damp applicator/sponge. I have oily, combination skin btw.

Another personal favorite! Have I mentioned here before that I love love love lip & cheek tints? It’s my go-to look actually. Don’t get fooled with the packaging though, it’s very pigmented! A little goes a long way with this tiny tint right here. ❤

I have acne-prone skin type and I’m happy to say that I didn’t get any breakouts using Rucy’s Vanity cosmetic products. Hurray! Also, stay tuned for another beauty post on how to look radiant skincare routine. 😉

Shop online through their official website: Rucy’s Vanity

Follow them on Instagram: @rucysvanityph

Like them on Facebook: Rucy’s Vanity Official

What’s your favorite Rucy’s Vanity cosmetics or skincare? Share them below! ❤


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