5 Useful Lessons I Learned From Our DIY Prenup Shoot

With the rise of people venturing in the wedding industry business, it’s so easy to jump in the bandwagon and book a mainstream photographer and/or avail coordination services (coordinator, makeup artist, stylist) and you’re good to go.If that’s the case, then you won’t be needing this post anymore. Haha! But if you want to know valuable insights and lessons that we’ve learned from our do-it-yourself prenup journey, then read on.


1. Set a realistic budget for your shoot.

Once this is set, you can work your way around your budget and from there, decide how many sets (looks) you and your fiance will be shooting. It doesn’t necessarily have to be followed but stick to your budget margin as much as you can to avoid overspending. Take note that it’s okay to be spending less than your allotted budget than go overboard with it (for example, you need to pay for your team’s meals. Either it falls on a lunch time or merienda/snacks).

2. Decide how many days are you going to need.

Not in particular order, depending on which comes first for the both of you as a couple. Deciding on how many days will you need for your shoot also depends on how many sets/looks/shoot locations you want to achieve. If four of your couple looks can be done in one place then lucky for you, you can wrap everything up in a day (given that you should start early for the preparations: hair and makeup).

3. Do your own styling.

You can skip this if you’re hiring a stylist. There’s a reason why people hire stylists for their shoots. They’re in charge of the whole set design (if you have a concept that you want to achieve, or in a garden where everything’s bare), wardrobe for the couple (not just the bride-to-be), a Makeup Artist is another person by the way. Click here to know more on my MUA and Hairstylist.

For us, we didn’t have any stylist anymore that saved us some moola. I just pulled out whatever’s in my closet and bought clothes for Francis so that our clothes matched and didn’t clash. For our set design however, we chose places that require minimal styling. The white beach for example is already a winner and the cafe also had everything that we need for the shoot, but you have to keep in mind that behind the scenes is a lot of work.

We’re very blessed to have my MOH, Rachel, help us around our difficult sets like throwing the pillow feathers, fixing my hair, helping us carry our stuff, etc. Whew! Couldn’t have done it without her and the rest of the team, it was indeed a group effort.

We had realistic shoot sets as much as possible, exuding us as a couple at that very moment. We had four sets in three different locations, depicting #FrancisKatrinForever as simple, candid, loves coffee dates and backpacking, and can’t deny our love for beaches.

4. Find a photographer that matches your shooting style.

Every photographer is unique with different strengths and weaknesses. Choose one that you mostly agree with his or her strengths. We are so blessed to have an ate/close friend as our photographer. It wasn’t just a breeze working with her, but she understood us as a couple.

For me, as a blogger, I’ve mastered the art of saving time in shoots and it doesn’t take much time for me to wrap up a set. My fiancé however, is very very shy and will take some time for him to warm up in front of a camera. Great thing that Mimi, our photographer, is very warm and encouraging that Francis didn’t had a hard time adjusting and making aura front of the camera.

5. Don’t forget to have fun during the shoot!

Trust me on this, ladies. Preparing, setting up, doing your thing during a shoot can be a little bit pain in the arse. Decide to have fun even in the midst of things not going right where you expect it to be. I learned this the hard way and I just thank my super duper patient fiancé, now husband, for being so understanding and loving despite the bridezilla inside me.

You on the other hand, can definitely skip the drama and have fun with your fiancé at this joyous celebration. You two are finally getting married! Thank You, Lord! ❤

For now, let me share with you our prenup photos for a dose of pose and pegs inspiration. ❤


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