Bazaar Tips and Tricks + Momzilla Haul

Hello beautiful people! I thought I might share some tips and tricks from the recent bazaar that I went to. Although it was a mom and baby’s fair, I’m pretty sure this will be helpful if you’re one who enjoys discounted shopping. 😉

Think of Divi or tiangge, that’s what you can expect in a bazaar. Only that, you can’t haggle with the price of the items since everything inside is already discounted. You also have to pay for an entrance fee per head before you can avail the perks inside.

It’s really fun shopping at bazaars and also time consuming at the same time! If you happen to go spontaneously, make sure you’re not in a hurry for you to enjoy. I’ve only been to a bazaar twice (Bloggers United and Momzilla Fair) this year and this is what I’ve learned:

1. Make sure to research ahead.

With Instagram and Facebook, there’s no way you’d get lost. Research ahead about a fair or bazaar you want to go to. Each one is unique and has a theme, for example: Bloggers United 13 – Back To Cool, 7th Momzilla Fair – Holiday Edition. 

With their specific slogans, you’ll get an idea of the activities inside the bazaar and what they’re going to sell. The bigger the venue, the many sellers it can cater! Different booths offer the same products at a different price. And since everything is already discounted, you can’t haggle (or ask for tawad) anymore. Make sure to compare prices before impulsively buying and then find out later that another booth sells the same item at a cheaper rate.

2. Be keen in joining giveaways!

Either they’ll schedule it before the event (countdown) or during the day (hourly), it never hurts to join and (possibly) win a thing or two. Make sure to follow their social media account(s) to stay updated with the latest giveaway/raffle promo.

3. Navigate your way around like a pro.

Trust me on this, the place can be a bit overwhelming with all the people going in and out, multiple sellers in a tiny booth, etc. *crazy!* What I personally do is screenshot the map on my phone (they usually post it days before) and take note of the booths that I want to go to. If I still have some time left, I then window shop to other booths after.

Momzilla Holiday Fair Haul

Can you believe that these printed onesies are for 100 pesos each only?? Onesie jammies for 250 pesos from Vezees Closet. They had the lowest price of onesies at the fair.
Can’t resist  Baby sTEEkies‘ statement onesies! They’re priced at 250 pesos each. The nerd mama in me surrendered. Hoho!
It pays to join giveaways! Won an Elin GC in one of Momzilla giveaways before the actual fair. Got this GINNY MAXI NURSING DRESS in black. ❤
Starting with the right mindset to exclusively breastfeed baby Luke! Breastfeeding essentials from Haakaa Philippines.
Really early for me to start on lactation cookies from Breast Bottle and Beyond. OMG it tastes sooo gooood, somebody stop me from hoarding!!

I hope this post will help you on your next bazaar hunting! Happy shopping for the holidays, loves! Don’t forget to share this post! ❤


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