Etern’l Products Review

Hello there, beautiful! It may be halloween but it doesn’t mean our beauty regimen will be spooky too. Or does it remain that way all year round? *cringe* Continue reading “Etern’l Products Review”


How To Get Glowing Skin In 7 Days

Meeting deadlines, finishing touches, finalizing meetings and details, it’s nearly impossible to get glowing skin in a week! Continue reading “How To Get Glowing Skin In 7 Days”

Korean Makeup | Rucy’s Vanity Philippines

Hello there, pretty! Before this month ends, let me share with you what kept me looking fresh for the whole month of wedding planning. Thanks to Rucy’s Vanity Korean Cosmetics! Continue reading “Korean Makeup | Rucy’s Vanity Philippines”

Affordable ColourPop Cosmetics | Finds Of The Day

In the rise of online shops here and there, you can’t really tell which ones are just faking it or which ones are really legit. Especially if that particular shop drops prices down to the ground! Continue reading “Affordable ColourPop Cosmetics | Finds Of The Day”

Makeup Artist and Hairstylist | Engaged Series

Welcome back my lovely readers! For this particular post on beauty, I’ll be spilling out the beans on my two beautiful Makeup Artist and Hairstylist sisters! Yep, they sure are sisters! If you’re around CDO, I’m sure you know Jay and Thea. Continue reading “Makeup Artist and Hairstylist | Engaged Series”

Brand Review: Snoe Beauty Inc. Philippines

Happy Monday to you, beautiful! I’m ecstatic to share this beauty brand that’s proudly made in the Philippines! Yep! You heard it right! Snoe is a Philippine based beauty brand that’s here to sweeten up your back-to-school/office/everyday looks with their quirky packaging & yummy (either it tastes good or looks good) products! Continue reading “Brand Review: Snoe Beauty Inc. Philippines”

Oh My Bag! PH

Have you ever thought of your bag handles fading in color because of constant use? I know I have! And even when we speak of bags, one thing comes to my mind that we often overlook, care. Continue reading “Oh My Bag! PH”

Make-up Review: L.A. Girl’s REBEL pigment gloss

I am obsessed with dark shades mainly because it suits my acidic lips most. My favorite as of the moment is L.A. Girl’s Matte flat finish pigment gloss in the shade rebel. Its effect on me is sort of a dupe on MAC‘s pure heroine.

Continue reading “Make-up Review: L.A. Girl’s REBEL pigment gloss”