Hong Kong: 5 Things To Experience And Explore In Ngong Ping 360

About two years ago, my friends and I visited (invaded in style!) Ngong Ping on our last day in Hong Kong. It was a sweet week-long trip and my first time in a foreign country, so imagine my excitement and nervousness all at the same time!  Continue reading “Hong Kong: 5 Things To Experience And Explore In Ngong Ping 360”


Philippines: 5 Things To Do When In Boracay Island

When you hear about Boracay Island, “non-stop partying” immediately comes to mind. Well this isn’t a guide for the best party spots in the island but I can share with you what my idea of 5 BEST THINGS TO DO when in Boracay. (Thanks to my friend, Cha, for our action-packed itinerary!) Continue reading “Philippines: 5 Things To Do When In Boracay Island”

Macau: 5 Things To Do For A Day

1) Shop and dine (for free) at Senado Square

How to get there: From the Ferry Terminal (went there via Hong Kong – China Ferry Terminal), ride a free shuttle of a Hotel (Grand Lisboa) that’s a walking distance to Senado Square. You can find a lot of free shuttle rides outside the ferry terminal leading to the hotel itself. Take the ones that pass through or near your desired destination. Also, there are A LOT of Filipinos in Macau! The ladies that were attending the bus were pinays and they were really kind. 🙂 Continue reading “Macau: 5 Things To Do For A Day”

Hong Kong: Meet Two Victorias In A Day

We started our first day in Hong Kong pretty early, ecstatic to explore asia’s world city! These are some of the photos we took at their pretty airport. So as you can see, Katwinvasion travel blog was realized in Hong Kong’s airport (see the photo with the airport’s beautiful interiors and also my default picture of the blog). ❤ Continue reading “Hong Kong: Meet Two Victorias In A Day”

Shenzhen: Window Of The World

We started our third day in Hong Kong really early at around 7:30am walking towards Holiday Inn from Chungking Mansions (where we stayed, btw). We availed China Tour Advisors‘ Shenzhen (China) Day Tour (you may inquire of the package tour here). Shenzhen is part of mainland China that is just a train ride away from Hong Kong. I find the city really lovely to have beautiful blooms in the middle of their roads and not to mention a clean city too!  Continue reading “Shenzhen: Window Of The World”