When You Meet Victoria | Hong Kong

Hello stylish people! Let me take you back on a recent Hong Kong trip with the family that happened around summer time last year. Here’s what I wore on our first day, visiting Victoria Peak. Continue reading “When You Meet Victoria | Hong Kong”


Hong Kong: 5 Things To Experience And Explore In Ngong Ping 360

About two years ago, my friends and I visited (invaded in style!) Ngong Ping on our last day in Hong Kong. It was a sweet week-long trip and my first time in a foreign country, so imagine my excitement and nervousness all at the same time!  Continue reading “Hong Kong: 5 Things To Experience And Explore In Ngong Ping 360”

Hong Kong: 5 Must-See Shows In Disneyland

Welcome to the magical world of Disney! It was my first time in Disneyland Hong Kong and my oh my, I fell inlove with Mickey! I wasn’t really a fan of Mickey Mouse (I’m more of a disney princess fan) but after Disneyland, I finally understood why Mickey enthusiasts love the character. Contrary to popular belief that the place is just for kids, let me just tell you that every corner in Disneyland is just r-o-m-a-n-t-i-c! I agree that it truly is the happiest place on earth from kids up to the grans alike! Continue reading “Hong Kong: 5 Must-See Shows In Disneyland”