Orange You Glad You’re Better? | Better Basics

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R beautiful people! There’s something special with beginnings that makes the start of the year truly exciting! A chance to correct our choices, a chance to start over, a chance to be better. And speaking of being betterContinue reading “Orange You Glad You’re Better? | Better Basics”


Active Wear | MYP Craze Shop

Welcome back to another style post, my beautiful and stylish reader! ❤ Continue reading “Active Wear | MYP Craze Shop”

Are We Out In The Woods Yet? | Wedding Guest OOTD Series

Welcome back stylish people! Let’s jumpstart October with a wedding guest OOTD series, shall we? “I don’t have anything to wear for that wedding!”, said a girl who has a closet full of clothes. Feel me? Well contrary to popular belief, we don’t necessarily need new clothes for each event. We just need to be smart with the clothes that we keep in our closet. Continue reading “Are We Out In The Woods Yet? | Wedding Guest OOTD Series”


To welcome the month of September, XINA MALDITA from Iligan City, an online brand will be hosting a BIG GIVEAWAY for every stylish woman out there! Yes, it’s a HUGE surprise and I will only be sharing a part of it with you, my stylish and lovely readers. ❤ Continue reading “XINA MALDITA Anniversary GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED)”

Oh My Bag! PH

Have you ever thought of your bag handles fading in color because of constant use? I know I have! And even when we speak of bags, one thing comes to my mind that we often overlook, care. Continue reading “Oh My Bag! PH”