Thrift Finds | Fall 2017

Hello beautiful! For our last entry, here’s a throwback to a few pieces on what I got from a bazaar that me and my friends organized back in my hometown, Iligan City.  Continue reading “Thrift Finds | Fall 2017”


Jumpshorts It Up | Fall 2017

Hello stylish and beautiful readers! Here’s the third style post for our fall series. 😉 You can check out the previous posts here and here. Continue reading “Jumpshorts It Up | Fall 2017”

April OOTD Roundup | Ciao Bella

Hello there, beautiful! Let me take you back on my last month as a single lady. Before I go on a wedding post frenzy, here’s an OOTD roundup of Ciao Bella outfits from the month of April! Enjoy! Continue reading “April OOTD Roundup | Ciao Bella”

February OOTD Roundup | Ciao Bella

Hello there, lovely reader! These are just four of Ciao Bella‘s vast selection of clothes to choose from, not to mention they’re pocket-friendly too! Continue reading “February OOTD Roundup | Ciao Bella”

Gwiyomi Dressing | AC’s Clothing Rack

Welcome back to our Sponsored Mondays, beauties! Here is a cute Forever 21 dress from AC’s Clothing Rack. I find the dress really cute (and in great condition too!) so I went for a full-blown cutie look thus the title gwiyomi, a korean word for a cute person. Continue reading “Gwiyomi Dressing | AC’s Clothing Rack”

AC’s Clothing Rack | Iligan City, Philippines

Hello beautiful people! It’s a Monday which means every post that falls on Mondays is a sponsored one. Now before I spill out the beans in this exciting clothing store in Iligan City, let me first tell you what I noticed in Hong Kong’s clothing showrooms/boutiques. Continue reading “AC’s Clothing Rack | Iligan City, Philippines”

Pineapple Fields Are Forever

Right in the middle of Del Monte‘s pineapple fields in Bukidnon! I’ve always pictured this checkered dress from Xina Maldita to be worn in a country setting where the sun’s rays are up and the cold mountain breeze in the air and… Viola! Continue reading “Pineapple Fields Are Forever”

Daisy Dukes

We can’t deny the fact that summer has officially started! Now we can get away with daisy dukes and low back cut offs but let me tell you that I don’t wear shorts on a daily basis. I’m more of a dress-over-shorts type of person and that’s not common for someone coming from a tropical country. Like you can just basically get away with any summer pieces all year round! Continue reading “Daisy Dukes”

Sunflower Madness

I’m kind of crazy over sunflower prints and who would’ve thought I would find this sunflower cropped top in Xina Maldita! With the ever changing trends, I love how Xina Maldita is truly mindful with her customers and is not overpriced with her up-to-date trendy items no matter the craze on it at the moment. Continue reading “Sunflower Madness”

Hidden Pine Trails Of The Forest

This is what I like about being away in the mountains, sun is up yet the wind is cold! Oh to stay in the mountains during these hot summer days! And to wear skirts in the mountains, why not? Continue reading “Hidden Pine Trails Of The Forest”